Our People,
Culture & Values

We listen, understand and adapt to the ever changing world we live in. We as a company are committed to making LIVODE a great place to work. Our culture embodies transparency, diversity, integrity and respect.

Our Story

We are a versatile product development startup, empowering individuals, local businesses, SMB and leading brands to create next generation products that solve business problems, and drive revenue growth.

We are a private firm founded in 2020 with diverse talent and unique perspective on the coding and product development processes. Livode has embarked on a journey to change the future of product development. At Livode, we are committed to serving our clients as a trusted adviser providing tailored solutions across various development platforms. Our growth plan is focused on client relationship + high quality product delivery.  And that very relationship is founded on two core aspects, Integrity and Respect.

Transparent & Diverse

Transparency builds trust, and makes employees feel that they are working for a company with high ethical standards. Transparency is added to Livode startup culture, to ensure employees are more engaged and committed to the vision of the company.

With the rapidly changing workforce environment, Livode provides a workplace where employees can work to their full potential regardless of gender or age. Moreover, it has become crucial than ever before to employ an even greater diversity of people to sustain a healthy economy.

Integrity & Respect

We believe having strong ethical and moral principles, is an essential trait. Integrity is the basis for a successful employee-employer relationship. It promotes a professional culture in which employees can depend on one another and treat each other with respect.

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